Coaching can help with so many things – from increased confidence to overcoming fear to simply achieving better work-life balance. In the end it’s completely up to you what we make of a coaching session.

By working with a number of people I’ve seen two clear patterns emerge though, and I mostly structure my coaching around them now. Which one do you fall into?

Career Clarity

Figuring out where to go next in your career is important, but it can be so, so hard. For many of us, our identity ties closely to your work (hello, fellow millennials 👋) We crave deeper meaning and want to make a difference in the world through our work. When your current role doesn’t quite fit into that picture, it can turn into a struggle that dominates your life. Being stuck in the 9-5 can feel like a waste of time, but it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t wait for your manager to give you the promotion. Let’s work together to get you clear on where you want to go, so you can take your career back in your own hands!

Business Progress

Running a business is hard. I get it. It can feel like you’re in a hamster wheel, constantly running, but not actually moving anywhere. It’s easy to feel busy and loose focus on what really matters.

Let me get you back to a place of focussed action, so you can start making visible progress!

Let’s work together

If either of these sound like you, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today for a customised coaching plan! Simply email me and tell me about where you’re at.