One of the oldest and finest of lettering arts, calligraphy is the technique of drawing letters with a broad-tipped brush, dip pen, or calligraphy pen. In creating calligraphy, a comparatively thin, water-based ink is frequently used, which adds to the delicate and intricate nature of the work that calligraphy produces. What makes calligraphy particularly notable or unique is its florid, detailed style, its delicate lapidary details, and the difficult and effort with which it is created. Calligraphy is ideal for highly formal events and documents, such as wedding invitations, fine art, birth announcements, and memorial documents.


Lettering is the art of writing beautiful, carefully crafted letters or documents by hand. There are different styles within this art: Hand lettering, where you draw letters using a pencil or pen, brush lettering, where you draw letters with a brush (traditional crafts of sign- and ticketwriting) and chalk lettering, where you use chalk to create letterforms on a surface like a chalkboard or wall. There is also vector lettering, which helps taking the previously mentioned approaches onto the computer for digital use.