Lettering Workshops & Classes

Even if you have started to learn lettering online, participating in a physical lettering class or workshop can’t be beaten. It’s no doubt an excellent opportunity to learn the different styles of lettering and calligraphy. You get to see how the experts do it and get first-hand advice from the professionals. Most of the time they are targeted at beginners and equipment is supplied, so you don’t even need to worry about bringing anything! The below places all offer various workshops in Australia that range from calligraphy to lettering to type design and beyond and are listed in order of proximity to Sydney.

Work Shop
by Various Calligraphers in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane

Work Shop hosts a variety of workshops not only specific to lettering, but also illustration and other arts and crafts. Look out for workshops with well known letterers like Gemma O’Brien, Luke Lucas or Georgia Hill!

Type by Hand Workshops
by Wayne Thompson in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane

Wayne Thompson from the Australian Type Foundry regularly holds workshops all over Australia. You will be plunged into a series of drawing exercises designed to improve your understanding of type. Create your own unique handlettered piece under the direct instruction of Wayne and various talented co-hosts.

Quick and Slick Lettering Workshops
by Brett Piva in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane

Brett Piva from Pocket Design regularly holds workshops all over Australia and teaches a handful of basic but very important Lettering, Design and Signwriting techniques that will start you off in the right direction or give you guidance on a path you’ve already begun.

Australian Society of Calligraphers
by Various Calligraphers in Sydney

The ASC host a variety of workshops throughout the year, catering for all different levels and calligraphic tastes. Most workshops try to accommodate from the beginner, to those with little experience as well as those with more experience.

Brush Lettering
by Carla Hackett and Barbara Enright in Sydney / Melbourne

Carla and Barbara regularly teach you the basic strokes needed to gain control of the brushes to create various letter widths as well as working with the paint consistency and flow, learn about brush types: round, square and pointed; and which are suited to the different lettering styles such as Casual and Script and More.

Various Lettering Workshops
by Various Artists at Pumphouse Design School in Newcastle

Pumphouse Design School is set to open doors in Newcastle in September 2015. Stay tuned for more info coming soon.

Old School New School
by Old School New School in Melbourne

OSNS offers short courses for different lettering techniques as well as type design in Melbourne.

Calligraphy Workshops
by Maria Montes in Melbourne

Melbourne based designer Maria Montes learnt calligraphy for the first time in 1996. After a long break working as a full time Graphic Designer, she went back to study calligraphy, typography and type design in Barcelona and New York City.

Learn 6 different calligraphy styles over 6 Saturdays at Rotson Studios, in the heart of Fitzroy (Melbourne).

Calligraphy by Moya
by Moya Carroll in Melbourne

Moya is a full-time professional calligrapher, stationer and designer, based in inner Melbourne and working for clients all around the world. She offers workshops in copperplate, flourishing, and more.

Brick + Mortar Creative
by Jessica Matthews in Adelaide

Graphic designer and letterer Jessica Matthews regularly hosts workshops at Brick + Mortar Creative. Choose between ‘Brush Pen Lettering’ and ‘Chalkboard Lettering’!

Pixiedust Calligraphy
by Charlotte in Brisbane

Learn how to write beautifully using ink and nib, unlock your creativity and explore how to put a modern twist on the classic art form of calligraphy in your own unique style.