You might have come across their Instagram and Facebook snaps and asked yourself who they are, or just admired their amazing lettering skills. You may actually know the four individually, as they have all been Instagramming their lettering goodness for quite a while.

Today I’m introducing you to The Letterettes – the latest girlband in Melbourne-town to watch out for! They are shedding some more light as to who they are, what they do and what they’re currently working on below. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourselves!

The Letterettes are four gal pals who share a love of letterforms, four-legged creatures and, most importantly, sequined jackets. They are Eliza Svikulis, Carla Hackett, Kate Pullen and Wanissa Somsuphangsri.

We love nothing more than to bring out the humble pen and paper and show off our swashes, however it’s a passion that runs deeper than fancy words. We’re fascinated with all things associated with the craft: history, story-telling, technique, tools, and teaching. Having each also studied graphic design and illustration, we are able to transform our hand-crafted letterforms into any commercial application; not unlike Captain Planet and his band of eco-warriors, The Letterettes combine skills to create a vast and varied portfolio, helping to fight irregular kerning and uncertain type hierarchy.

We thrive on working as a quartet. Using a range of tools – from pencil, to brush, to chalk – the work we seek will always include a live element. Indeed, two of The Letterettes were performers in a past life and we suspect they may be waiting to turn this whole gig into a song and dance extravaganza. Our folio includes – but is not restricted to – murals; on-the-spot, customised gift cards; signage and workshops. We even have a lefty in our ranks!

The Letterettes are proud to be an all-girl group. In a niche industry that is seemingly still dominated by men and a society which continues to pit women against one another, our group is committed to helping foster a safe and inclusive environment for all the ladies who want to show the lettering world what they’re made of.

What’s your essential trick of the trade?

We often get asked tips from beginners who are keen to begin lettering, and we encourage everyone to take time to get used to the tool they’re working with, and start slow. Don’t rush the basics! As with anything, practice and hard work is the key to improvement!

What are you currently working on and what’s next?

We just recently finished our first major gig together – a gig for Disney Princesses (a live activation at a Toy Fair) and it was an absolute dream come true. We created twelve designs, each based on the different princess personalities. Over four days on site, we each painted our lettering onto a mural backdrop, and took turns live lettering customer names on to bespoke prints. It was also the first time we whipped out our matching ‘ettes shirts and bandanas, and got to show off some synchronised dance moves; all to the soundtrack of our favourite childhood Disney ballads!

We are also currently working on a wonderful project that includes food, puns, and STREAT Melbourne. Together with Saint Gertrude Letterpress, we will be creating letterpressed gift cards that will be sold to help raise funds for STREAT’s new major youth facility in Collingwood. If you’re unfamiliar with STREAT and the work that they do, they are an incredible organisation!

All images were provided by The Letterettes and are published with permission.