Coaching is more fit for creatives than for any other type of person. Design is highly personal, and if we don’t do the work to separate ourselves from our work it can be detrimental. Who hasn’t been stuck in procrastination, perfectionism and/or self-doubt? It makes moving forward with your creative business extra hard. Fortunately you can actually learn how to manage these mental blocks and work on your creative mindset – you can actually use them to your advantage!

The Business of Creativity

Running a creative business is hard! How are you managing your energy to keep up with it? Do you run on no sleep, and use caffeine and chocolate to get through your day? If you feel drained, overwhelmed or downright exhausted and your creative business or career has turned into a struggle, you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t have to be this way.

I have worked with a number of creatives on developing a healthy mindset and attitude towards your work that doesn’t completely consume and deplete you. Here’s how it works:

Reality Check

First we establish the lay of the land and take stock of where you are right now. What are your challenges? What’s working well? We’ll do a holistic assessment of your well-being and set some goals for your creative career or business.

Manage Stress

Creatives usually aren’t short on empathy, but too much empathy can eat you up from the inside. We work on developing a healthier kind of empathy by working on growth mindset, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience.

Dive into Neuroscience

We dive into how the brain works and how it can sometimes get in your way – that’s just how we’re wired. Fortunately, by learning about neuroscience you can turn things around and stack the deck in your favour.


Negative self-talk and a harsh inner critic can get in the way of creative work. We work on making your inner critic your friend and develop self-compassion, confidence and courage to get you on your way to true authenticity.

Sounds like coaching for creatives is just what you need? If you’re ready to finally figure out how to manage procrastination, perfectionism and self-doubt, let’s work on it together!