Growth Workshops

Autumn Motivation

04 April 2020, 11am-1pm
Modo Yoga Sydney

Join me in this interactive workshop and check in on those goals you set at the beginning of the year! Whatever you set out to do, you will walk away with fresh motivation and forward momentum.

This workshop is not about accountability and guilt-trips, but quite the contrary – it’s about motivating you to keep going. It’s about generating intrinsic motivation rather than relying on external accountability. It’s about (re-)igniting that fire in your belly and get you going towards what lights you up – no matter where you’re at right now!

You will

  • Learn about the neuroscience of motivation
  • Connect with your strengths & values through reflective journalling prompts
  • Get community support!

What to bring

  • An open mind
  • Your journal

This workshop is hosted at a yoga studio, but it doesn’t include physical movement. To get into the right headspace we highly recommend attending the Flow class from 9.30-10.30 beforehand!

Welcome 2020

Vision Boarding & Goal Setting

11 January 2020, 11am-1pm

Modo Yoga Sydney

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