Welcome! I’m Eva, also known as the Creative Mindset Coach

If you work in the creative/tech/digital industry you’ll often find yourself BUSY. My mission is to help you find work-life balance and get you to be both busy & well.

In my work I usually see two scenarios: You either spend a lot of time thinking, planning and strategising – but not taking action OR you’re good at taking action but lack a proper strategy – so you’re going nowhere fast. Whichever camp you fall into, I can help.

I offer both consulting around holistic digital strategy and coaching around stress management and work-life balance.


If you fall into the camp of not taking action and are struggling with procrastination, perfectionism and self-doubt I can get you out of there. If you have hit a dead-end with productivity hacks and self-help books, I’m here to help you find what works for YOU, so you can get out of your head and back to creating.


If you’re doing all the things but fear you’re going nowhere fast, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive SEO strategy. Starting with a 360° review of your website I uncover your biggest opportunities and provide you with actionable advice that’s going to shift the needle.

Why should you work with me?

I grew up in the Bavarian alps and moved to Sydney in 2009. My corporate career in digital marketing and design spans almost as long (check it out on LinkedIn if you’re interested).

In the last few years, working in digital marketing got pretty stressful – which led me to explore health and wellness. I became a yoga teacher and holistic wellness coach, cleaned up my diet and made lots of little lifestyle changes that all added up to a whole new outlook on life and work. I’m now on a mission to help you achieve the same radical shifts in yours.

I live in the real world and give you practical advice you can apply to both your work and your life.

My goal is to help you show up as your best self, every single day – so you can thrive in life and at work (because these things aren’t separate!)

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